Hello, and welcome to the community site for Elkhart PoGo! We are a local group of Pokemon Go players based in Elkhart, Indiana. Our goal is to provide our local community of players with the best possible experience and a great time together with a common interest! We welcome all players who are looking for a social, friendly atmosphere to enjoy Pokemon Go in.

Our community uses Discord to stay in touch, and coordinate Raids and Trades. You can join our server HERE.

Community Events

As an official Silph Road local community, we host monthly Community Day meet-up events and hold Check-Ins. Anyone with a Silph Road Travelers Card (They’re free to sign up for!) can check in with one of our community volunteers to receive the exclusive monthly badge for their Card, as well as a neat physical button pin. How many pins can you collect, Trainer?!

Additionally, we often hold group events like Wednesday Raid Hour trains, or special event groups like the one for A Colossal Discovery (Regigigas). These events are always a great time for us to get together, talk, laugh and just have a good time with each other while enjoying a day or evening of Pokemon Go!


Elkhart PokeMap is a service that helps players easily find out everything happening in the area. If you’re interested in using the PokeMap service, you must first join the Discord server, then access the map HERE by logging in with your Discord account. The list of features includes:

  • A live map with real-time data
  • Highly customizable search/filter system
  • PokeStops
    • Currently Available Field Research Tasks
    • “Quests” Page to easily track down all PokeStops with a given reward
    • Team Go Rocket Invasions
    • Lure Information
  • Gyms
    • Active Egg or Raid Information
    • Team Ownership
    • Available Slots
    • EX Gym Eligibility
  • Pokemon
    • Limited Spawn Information (Downtown only, but we plan to expand this over time)
    • Spawn/Despawn Time
    • “Pokemon History” page with detailed information about spawn data (Great for tracking down nests!)